New, New, New ~

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out the new blog. I have been procrastinating putting it together for some time now. But with all the new stuff going on in my life here in WV, I thought it would be a better place to share more info on Trinity Photography’s journey. First of all I’d like to share that we have welcomed a new baby to the family~ darling little EOS Canon 6D. LOL ūüôā Second, I’m thrilled to be apart of a new photography page called Inspire Me, Inspire Be. ¬†The 6 of us are all from different walks of life, different states and have different photography styles. Pop over and check out the amazing photography submitted over there. ¬†BTW, this Friday my interview will be featured on the blog. Excited!!! Third, I think you all my know by now but if not, we have moved to Bethlehem WV. ¬†Davids job has lead us over here. ¬†We are still trying to settle in but are finding it to be better than we expected. Fourth, I have been struggling with the look of our watermark. ¬†I recently posted a picture to Trinity Photography that had 2 different watermarks on them. I asked for you guys to give me your opinion on which one you liked best. It was a very close race. I think in the end it was the older watermark that won out. ¬†With that being said I still didn’t feel like it was exactly what I wanted to represent all the new changes going on over here in WV. ¬†I just so happened to stumble upon¬†Declaring His Glory photography on Instagram. I took a chance and asked her if she made hers and wouldn’t mind helping me design a new one. ¬†Lainey is a sweetheart and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to change watermark, logo, etc…. Oh and her photography is to die for!!! So Beautiful ‚̧ The final product of, “our heads put together” is on the newest set of pictures of my daughter. ¬†Leave me a comment and let me know what you think~ Lastly, I just want to say thank you for supporting me since the very beginning. ¬†You guys make my world beautiful~ ‚̧ Jamie ~ Trinity Photography And just incase you missed my daughters photos, Here is another one I love~ JUJUIMG_0238 copy


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